Break the Cycle of Poverty in Yuma County

The Community Impact Fund focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty for residents living in Yuma County. For a building to be stable for the long term, it needs a solid foundation. The same is true in our commnuity here in Yuma. And, the building blocks for a solid community is breaking the cycle of poverty. That means, we need to partner together as a community and work together to build a strong public education system, help families learn financial stability and have quality healthcare. Help us and our community partners lift 10,000 families out of poverty by 2025. Our partners for this 2017-2018 cycle are: Adult Literacy Plus of Southwestern Arizona GED Program, Assistance League of Yuma - Operation School Bell, Catholic Community Services - Safehouse/Daybreak/Senior Nutrition Program, The Healing Journey, Western AZ Community Alliance, Arizona's Children Association, Child and Family Services Inc., We ♥ Our City, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, JA Biztown, VisionQuest 20/20.

Money raised will assure local families get the support services they need right now, while simultaneously addressing the root causes of poverty – that’s how we create true community impact. #breakthecycle