Early Financial Education

Junior Achievement Biz Town

Our objective at United Way of Yuma County is to better prepare individuals and families to weather financial challenges, meet basic needs and plan for the future. In order to meet our objective we believe that finanical education at a young age is crucial.

United Way sponsors classrooms at our local schools to attend and participate in Junior Achievement Biz Town. The program’s goal is to provide youths grades 6-8 financial skills that will help them in their adult life.  The curriculum encompasses important elements of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy by providing students with a solid foundation of business, economic, and free enterprise education.

The students will get the opportunity to visit “Biz Town” a simulated community designed to support differentiated-learning styles, students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learned in school and their participation in a local economy.  

 To sponsor a child please contact Hilda Nordell


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