VisionQuest 20/20 "Because Every Child Deserves To See"






Public health crisis: Undetected amblyopia may lead to blindness; new technology detects vision problems early.


United Way of Yuma County has a unique one of kind opportunity to bring FREE vision screening to Yuma School District One elementary schools throughout the entire district. Since 80% of learning occurs visually, we need to make sure all children can see. Up to 1 in 4 children have a vision problem and many parents, teachers and children themselves are unaware. Undetected vision disorders are the 4th leading health issue facing children today.

Undetected vision disorders may be a silent epidemic impacting children and could affect their ability to learn, and in some comes result in permanent visual loss. Identifying children with vision problems is essential, yet not all children receive screenings. Traditional vision screening methods haven’t changed significantly in more than 100 years. A lack of sufficient number of skilled personnel to administer millions of screenings may result in some children being overlooked.

In response to what some are calling a public health dilemma, children’ eye surgeon, James O’Neil, M.D. and technology developer Richard Tirendi created EyeSpy 20/20TM. Eyespy 20/20 is video game that takes a child on a virtual treasure hunt during which they may wear eye patches or a pair of colored glasses. Designed to make the vision screenings fun, it uses intelligent software protocols that measure the child’s responses to customize the testing in real time. The result is a vision screening assessment that mimics the results of a trained specialist even when administered by a parent or untrained volunteers.

Call (928) 783-0515 today for more information on how YOU can be a part of this life transforming experience for thousands of school children here in Yuma.