EYESPY 20/20


EyeSpy 20/20 is the world's only completely automated, subjective vision screening method. It assesses threshold visual acuity, color vision, and stereopsis. EyeSpy 20/20 instantaneously provides screening results (in English or Spanish) and safely stores all results in a HIPAA-compliant data cloud...forever!


If a child can't see clearly, and nobody knows - including the child, how can we expect them to learn? Studies show that when a child cannot see, they are more likely to suffer in school. This is of particular concern because 1 in 6 children who aren't reading proficiently in third grade, do not graduate from high school on time.


The cost of remedial education is extraordinarily expensive to the school, tax-payers, and the student... and if they don't graduate from high school, they're less likely to find a job and earn a living wage. 


This program is one critical step in breaking

the vicious cycle of poverty. 

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