Over the last several years, United Way has evolved from its roots as a fundraising organization to a critical community convener that mobilizes local partners, businesses, key community leaders and Yuma County residents to expand opportunities for all people to live a good life.


In 2015, United Way examined each of its priority areas—Income, Education, and Health—to conduct a deeper-dive assessment of community need, gaps in service, resources, and capacity to identify an integrated set of priorities around which its resources and efforts would be focused beginning in 2017. The result is our focus on poverty.

We have a bold goal, and together, we know we can reach it!

United Way of Yuma County aims to equip local individuals with the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty.

In order to break the cycle of poverty, we believe we need to: 


Support Education supports for youth and families


Increase knowledge about financial management, connect families to available long-term financial resources and create systems to help families achieve financial stability. 


Support programs that address individual and families Basic Needs.


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