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You are needed, now, more than ever. 


Many of us are shifting to operating in a virtual world due to COVID-19, which has significantly impacted our friends and neighbors who were already vulnerable. Social norms have been upended and the pandemic has pushed many to the breaking point surrounding health, education and finances.


Your willingness to support by using your time and the generosity of your colleagues is truly invaluable.

This toolkit includes everything you need to run a seamless and successful “virtual” United Way workplace fundraising campaign—whether your employees are working remotely or in the office. All easy to access and easy to use.

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Virtual Campaign Links
Before the Campaign

Attend an ambassador training and review the campaign checklist.The first step in understanding how to run a campaign will be to attend a virtual ambassador training. As the campaign ambassador for your organization, you will be the face of United Way to your coworkers. Your role is to provide your colleagues with all the information they need to understand what United Way is and why their donation helps create lasting change in their community. 

During the Campaign

Now that you are familiar with United Way, it's time to get started! Campaigns generally work best when kept to two weeks or less. This lets you keep the momentum of your activities and communications without the risk of overwhelming your colleagues. View our comprehensive list of fundraising activities and events for creative and fun ways to engage your team! Daily prizes/incentives are also a great way to keep people connected - click on the links below for incentive ideas!

Additional Campaign Information

 Communication is key. Coordinate messaging throughout the campaign on a company-wide level. Consider sending a daily campaign update email every day at the same time. Check out the additional campaign resources below to help you run your best campaign yet!



Do you remember those first day of school jitters? Who will be in my class? What should I wear? Will I be able to eat lunch with my friends? For some students, they also worry about having the classroom supplies they need to succeed.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. While there’s a lot of uncertainty, we know now, more than ever, our children need us, and we need you!


Click here to learn about our annual Drive for School Supplies


Connecting the dots between what kids learn in school and how it’s applied in the real world isn’t that simple. That’s why we choose to introduce our local youth to JA BizTown. JA Biztown is an engaging, hands-on program that introduces local students to economic concepts, workplace

skills, and personal and business finances.

Click here to learn about our JA Biztown Program.

EYESPY 20/20

Every 6.5 minutes a child is diagnosed with irreversible vision loss that could have been prevented with early detection. Vision disorders are one of the most common disabling conditions in childhood; yet, up until 2019, vision screening in schools was not mandated by the state of Arizona. With vision problems affecting nearly 13.5 million children nationwide and 1 in 4 children in Yuma County, the need to accurately detect potential vison disorders and get children into a pair of eye glasses is overwhelming.


Click here to learn about EyeSpy 20/20


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