Our VisionQuest 20/20 - EyeSpy 20/20 has already identified many Yuma children who are in need of glasses. By sponsoring a child, your able to get them the glasses the desperately need to begin seeing clear and learning in school. For more information on how you can sponsor a child here in Yuma, call (928) 783-0515 or email


We believe wholeheartedly that United Way exists by the community and for the community, and volunteer involvement is a critical and irreplaceable asset in making long-term change happen in Yuma County. It is through diversity of experience and points of view that we can understand more fully the challenging issues we are working to address, and collectively identify how we can create change that sticks. When you volunteer, not only are you devoting your time, but you’re devoting your attention, your listening, your energy, your strength. You simply cannot put a price tag on that kind of giving. Volunteers are the soul of United Way of Yuma County. They give their time and talents, so we can create the greatest and most impactful change in Yuma County. We are incredibly grateful for the passion, expertise and hard work that every volunteer brings to United Way and hundreds of nonprofits throughout the community. Call and let us help you find new volunteer opportunity's through the United Way of Yuma County.

(928) 783-0515 or email:


Business or Corporate sponsors provide financial support to the JA BizTown program for 5th and 6th grades. These sponsorship's create an engaging, real-world atmosphere for our students learning about money management and careers. They also help underwrite JA BizTown, making the program available to schools at a reasonable price. Or, you can help a school with the vision screening efforts of United Way of Yuma County by sponsoring vision screening licenses. You can also build a business partnership and sponsor a school for improving student attendance. For more information on how you or your business can make a difference in our schools here in Yuma, call (928) 783-0515 or email:



Together, we can create pathways out of poverty. That's why we partner with nearly 16 of Yuma County's most dedicated and effective nonprofit programs every year. United Way of Yuma County offers many partnership opportunities for your company or organization to get involved in Yuma County.We know that collective efforts aligned around clear goals and aspirations, informed by community voices and shared stakeholder accountability, create the most effective change. By becoming a United Way of Yuma County corporate partner, we collectively achieve this change. Our greatest strength is our partnerships and our shared work toward a better Yuma County for all. By leveraging philanthropic resources identified and collected within its community, United Way of Yuma County serves as a partner and investor of programs managed by non-profit 501(c)(3) health or human service organizations that provide services to Yuma County residents. Programs developed, implemented and managed by the United Way’s non-profit partner agencies align with the objectives, goals and strategies identified within our community’s Agenda for Change.


Support Our Work

Your support enables us to improve thousands of lives—in your backyard and community. We measure our success in lives changed. Be a part of our mission to break the cycle of poverty in Yuma County by lifting 10,000 families out of poverty by 2025. We realize we can't do this alone. It will take partners like you.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer.