Did you know children are unable to regulate their body temperatures as adults do?! This can be a dangerous illusion because young children's bodies are less able to regulate their internal temperature than those of adults, and thus more prone to hypothermia as a result of their bodies' smaller surface area, smaller amounts of subcutaneous fat, and a not-yet-fully-developed ability to shiver. So they may be telling the truth when they claim not to feel cold, but they're probably more at risk than adults! 


Although hypothermia is unlikely in Yuma County, we can all agree that temperatures are extremely chilly in the early mornings and late evenings! As our children walk to school and play outside, we want to ensure that as many kids as possible have a winter coat/jacket to keep warm. 


Since the program's inception, we have distributed over 1500 hoodies/jackets to students at Salida Del Sol, G.W. Carver Elementary, Roosevelt and Pecan Grove Elementary School. Help us reach more children and schools by making a donation below!