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Frequently Asked Questions

 QUESTION: Who is United Way of Yuma County?


ANSWER: United Way of Yuma County is a local 501©3 non-profit that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for local residents.

The local board was first formed in 1944. Today, the organization is staffed by 3 community members and governed by a board of various leaders in the Yuma Community.

QUESTION: What does United Way of Yuma County do?  

ANSWER: Each year, United Way of Yuma County distributes over $75,000 to our fellow non-profit agencies. Yes, that’s right – we raise money not just for us, but for other non-profits that are fighting to break the cycle of poverty as well.  

In addition to raising money for outside organizations, we know we must do more than just raise money. That’s why we are committed to implementing programs in our community like VisionQuest and Junior Achievement Biztown. We are committed to helping youth be successful and live healthy lives. To learn more about our programs, click on the links above or visit here.

QUESTION: How does United Way of Yuma County select the non-profits that get funded every year?

ANSWER: Annually, UWYC holds a public grant funding cycle. Any local 501©3 health and human service organization is invited to apply for funds. UWYC then convenes a panel of volunteers to serve on the Community Investment Panel (CIP). It’s these volunteers that decide where and how much money to allocate to our local non-profits.

If the volunteer panel selects an agency to receive funds, that agency is monitored and measured quarterly to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.  All agencies must track their results and show measurable outcomes. Reports are evaluated by the UWYC staff and board.

To serve on this panel, contact us today!

QUESTION: Is United Way of Yuma County part of United Way Worldwide?

ANSWER: Yes. Although we are a part of United Way Worldwide, we are an autonomous non-profit with local staff and a local board. Donation dollars never leave Yuma County!

QUESTION: There are a lot of agencies out there. Why should I give to UWYC’s Community Impact Fund?


ANSWER: United Way of Yuma County provides accountability for donations. Simply put, the Community Impact Funds takes the guesswork out of giving and makes sure your dollars are attacking the root causes of poverty.

Giving to the Community Impact Fund truly maximizes your investment. By giving to this one fund, your gift helps over 12 local programs and agencies. To learn more about the programs that are impacted by your gift, click here.

QUESTION: How are UWYC programs/agencies held accountable?

ANSWER: Local human care programs/agencies that receive UWYC funding must submit quarterly reports showing measuring their accomplishments. Those reports are evaluated by UWYC staff.

QUESTION: How much influence do I have over how my contribution is invested?

ANSWER: Donors are given options for investing in our community. These choices include donating directly to UWYC Community Care Fund, the most proactive way to break the cycle of poverty. Donor’s may also choose to invest in one or more of our focuses to achieve that goal – ensure kids succeed in school, end hunger, end homelessness, or increase the financial stability of families. UWYC also honors a donor’s choice to designate to a specific non-profit agency as long as it meets required criteria.

QUESTION: The agency I want to support is not listed. Can I still restrict my contribution to that particular agency?

ANSWER:  We encourage a contribution to United Way of Yuma County because it is the best way to support a diverse range of human care programs to serve our community’s most pressing needs. United Way develops and invests in best practices to maximize every dollar. You may still restrict your contribution to any 501(c)(3) health and human service organization. To verify if an agency meets United Way’s criteria, please call the agency certification line at (928) 783-0515 Or send us a message here!

QUESTION: Is my UWYC contribution tax deductible?

ANSWER: Yes, your contribution is tax deductible. You may also qualify for a state tax credit by designating a portion of your donation to one of our qualifying programs/agencies.

QUESTION: I do not see United Way of Yuma County on the IRS list for qualifying charitable organizations. Is it a qualifying charitable organization?

ANSWER: Through 2014, the Department published a list of umbrella organizations, which included United Way of Yuma County (UWYC). As noted on, as of 2015, the Department no longer publishes a list of umbrella organizations, however, taxpayers’ contributions to an umbrella organization still qualify for the “Credit for contributions to qualifying charitable organizations”, provided that 100% of the donations still are directed to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCOs) that are certified by the Department.

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