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The time to wait is a luxury of privilege. Get involved.

Dignity and respect – equal treatment and access to justice is what we are fighting for.

Recent events involving violence and threats against African Americans expose our society’s underlying racism, prejudice and privilege that prevent too many people from being treated with the humanity and respect they deserve. These incidents are abhorrent and run counter to everything that United Way of Yuma County, our volunteers and professionals value, live and fight for every day.

All people of all backgrounds must call out discrimination and demand its removal from our society; otherwise, we are endorsing the status quo and are complicit in the abuses that follow.

We must all do our part, working United, to make our communities the places that we need them to be – equitable, respectful and opportunity-filled. We, as a society, can and must do better to guarantee that the basic human rights and freedoms of every Black American in every community are protected.

Achieving that goal requires everyone to act. So, no matter your race, get involved. Engage in critical dialogues, fight for reform, and hold people accountable.

It takes all of us to change the narrative that we can’t do better. Because if you believe that narrative, then you’ve already given up, and you don’t know the history of progress in our society.

We need to commit to equal access to justice if we’re to commit to equity. If we fail, there will be another flashpoint soon, and we won’t have lived up to our responsibility to ensure every person in every community is treated how we want and expect to be treated ourselves.

Decades later, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. still said it best: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The time to wait is a luxury of privilege. Get involved.

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